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Nesessity of Sextant

Why navigator needs sextant with 02 big aspects

Sextant is the most effective device for GPS problem on the ocean

Examples of GPS malfunctions

(65 cases in 2018, 76+ cases in 2019)

US Naval Academy decided to drop celestial navigation from the formal curriculum
US Naval decided to drop the sextant training from the formal curriculum
US Naval started again celestial navigation training
US Naval Academy started again celestial navigation classes

Sextant is independent device that can verify GNSS system

  Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) Programme (VIQ 6) - 2014 Edition

  Ship Inspection Report (SIRE) Programme (VIQ 7) - 2019 Edition

  A Guide to Best Practice for Navigational Assessments and Audits- 2018 Edition

  Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular NO. 02-18 - 2018 Edition

Reported cases of GPS Malfunction

[Source] U.S Department of Homeland Security - GPS Problem Report (