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World Trend of GPS (GNSS)

Introducing Trend of Each Counties and Development Plan

GPS Issue and Trend

Currently, positioning data is used as basic data for the operation of all equipment (ships, cars, mobile phones, etc.). However, since this positioning data is limited to the GPS of the United States, there is no realistic alternative if the satellite navigation system is stopped or the radio wave is disturbed.

Therefore, in addition to the development of an independent satellite positioning system called Galileo, Europe is building a wide-area satellite positioning correction system called EGNOS, and Japan is building a wide-area satellite positioning correction system called MSAS and QZSS, which started as a correction positioning system for GPS. Various efforts are being made to establish an independent satellite positioning system. In addition, China (SNAS), India (GAGAN), and Australia (GRAS) have adopted a wide-area satellite positioning correction system (WA-DGPS) to promote development.

In the case of using astronomy, since independent positioning is possible without the use of artificial satellites or radio waves, it will be able to function sufficiently as a system that can compensate for problems with the satellite positioning system, and can emergence from the technical dependency of the positioning system. It is expected to be there

In the condition of the ship's GPS disturbance and the ship's dead ship (generator failure, etc.), it will be possible to position itself independently or in conjunction with an INS (Inertial Navigation System) device.

Since the development of the satellite navigation system, no case has been developed for a positioning system using astronomy. However, the space industry uses astronomical positioning to calculate satellite orbits when launching satellites.

GNSS, Global Navigation Satellite System

  • U.S.A - GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • EU - Galileo Positioning System
  • Russia - GLONASS (GLObal Navigation Satellite System)
  • China - BDS (BeiDou Navigation Satellite System)