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Digital Marine Sextant Change the Marine Navigation System

Expectation and Ripple effects

Aspect of Navigation Technology

  • Apart from the GPS that currently occupies most of the positioning, it can be used not only for ship positioning technology using celestial bodies, but also for leisure, exploration and various fields.
  • Applicable to autonomous ships and unmanned ships for special missions

  • Aspect of Economic and Industry

  • Although most of the positioning equipment for ships is being led by the proposal and development of foreign manufacturers, this technology eliminates the dependence of the overseas market and replaces imports.
  • Proposal to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as a new ship equipment market standard
  • If selected as standard equipment, new business opportunities and equipment exports are expected to increase exports and create jobs due to new market creation and sales.

  • Aspect of World Society

  • Independently identifying position even when satellites (GPS, etc.) fail
  • As a positioning system, the fields of application and application are very diverse.
  • Stable development and utilization are possible because it is the world's first attempted technology or improved development of existing technology (astronomical positioning technology).

  • Application

  • Ocean going tankers under the regulation of OCIMF
  • IMO, Non-IMO ship
  • Navy ships, coastal ships, government ships, fishing guidance ships
  • Training boat, leisure yacht, lifeboat, etc