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World First Digital Sextant

Invented and Develped for All Sailor's Convenience and Safety

Digital Sextant

K Digital Sextant

is the first electronic sextant in the world which is certified by CE and FCC.
And this has well combined with the mechanical part of the traditional sextant to fix the position of the ship very quickly when GPS occurs any problems (Malfunction, Jamming and Failure)
It will be definitely best back up device of GPS during voyage on the ocean.

K Digital Sextant solves headaches of officers on board to fix ship's position on the ocean!


  • Short Time!
  • Simple Operation!
  • Easy to Use!
  • No Need Charts and Tools!

  • Developed the world's first Digital Sextant equipped with a processing unit that automatically calculates the position of the ship by measuring the elevation angle of celestial bodies such as the sun while the ship is sailing

    Navigation aids for calculating the position in situations such as malfunction or failure of the satellite navigation system

    Providing calculation conveniently than traditional astronomical positioning system by complicated celestial calculation and drawing LOP(Line of Position)

    Convinience & Fast

    Within 1 second after sighting

    No training is required !
    No need to calculate manually !